I do, I learn – Confucius, was it?

Bottle Rocket – 1

To make a rocket, all that you need is easily available in the local grocery store – mainly baking soda and vinegar. The toughest part is actually finding a cork that could nicely put a lid on the plastic bottle. A little bit of thread was used to make it the cork fit “just right”.Continue reading “Bottle Rocket – 1”

Bottle Rocket – 3

In the last post we saw that baking soda and vinegar come together in a violent manner to make the rocket fly up. In this post, let’s dig in and find out what’s really happening inside the bottle rocket. Let’s start with baking soda, which is made from minerals taken from the surface of lake beds that driedContinue reading “Bottle Rocket – 3”

Bottle Rocket – 2

SR-1, and really which rocket doesn’t have a cool acronym like that, was an improvement on the previous attempt in terms of bringing it better stability. Earlier, the bottle rocket was made to rest on its cap, and sometimes it toppled over at the launch pad even before it could lift-off. The wonderful Internet isContinue reading “Bottle Rocket – 2”